Most fleet owner never spent a lot of time thinking about batteries until it is time to replace them. Suddenly when your driver is stuck on the side of the road or in a rest area and your truck won’t start a battery becomes the most important thing in the world.


  1. Very few people use the right battery for the job. Increasingly our trucks are pulling more and more power from electrical systems. If you are just running a basic Starting battery you can’t be surprised when they fail in extreme temperatures and don’t last as long as you think they should. They aren’t built to run everything in a truck and start your truck. They are built to start your truck and slowly recharge. There really is a difference beyond price between a starting battery and a Dual Purpose Deep Cycle Battery. They use completely different materials and are designed for different things. So the first rule is choose the right type of group 31 battery for what you do with your truck.
  2. AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Batteries provide better longevity and power in high stress environments. Because the acid is absorbed directly into the Mats these batteries don’t spill and will handle vibrations and rough roads much better than a traditional battery. AGM batteries offer better, deeper cycling which gives you a battery that will last longer. If you run off road, land fields, quarries or other harsh environments and AGM Battery can reduce down times and the number of batteries you change.
  3. Price isn’t everything! Doesn’t it always seem that batteries fail right when you need them most or they are the hardest to replace. Who wants to pay for a road call to replace a battery?
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TRP batteries have several features that help them last longer and have a more predictable lifespan. For example, most bargain batteries don’t have a full frame around the grids. TRP Batteries have a full framed grid that is secured to the top and the bottom of the battery box, the grid also has a pattern to provide efficient electron flow. Another great feature of TRP batteries that you won’t see on bargain batteries is the way the grids are covered and the material they are covered with. It is specifically designed to prevent the grids rubbing through and shorting out. This is the number one way that cells go dead in bargain batteries.

The big take a ways are pick the right battery for the job, get an AGM if you run in rougher environments or you just want a super reliable batteries, and , as in most things, cheaper isn’t always a better value!