Since 1994, TRP parts has been providing quality and value replacement parts for all makes of trucks, buses, and engines. In 2014, TRP celebrated 20 years of providing line of parts to fleets and operators across North America and around the world is a major milestone.

“For 20 years and counting, PACCAR Parts has developed the TRP line of quality all-makes replacement parts to exceed customers’ expectations,” said Bart Lore, general marketing manager for PACCAR Parts. “The breadth of the TRP line and a robust testing process have contributed in making TRP parts a compelling choice for commercial vehicle operators. Customers know that if they purchase a part in one region they’ll still be supported all the way across the country.”.

According to Lore, TRP began in Europe in response to the need of fleets looking for a line of reliable and proven parts that could be used with a wide variety of equipment. That need eventually spread, globally. As the program moved to North America, operators and fleets were introduced to a one-stop solution for quality all-makes parts for trucks, trailers and buses.

TRP parts are tested independently in Europe in safety and quality tests and show exceptional quality scores. We are proud to offer products that can match longevity, safety and quality of original branded parts, but at a much lower price point.

Yes we are not experts in marketing but we are experts in manufacturing quality truck and trailer parts, and that is what you pay for. Smart fleet owners are our loyal customers.

TRP today offers a wide range of parts from exhausts to transmissions and from brakes to LED lighting – over 110,000 parts worldwide. TRP parts are supported through a network of 2,000 parts and service locations around the world including Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF dealers, ensuring that TRP Parts are available when and where they’re needed. These authorized retailers are backed by a worldwide network of 17 parts distribution centers, as well as product support through PACCAR Parts’ sales, marketing and customer service departments. “PACCAR Parts stands behind TRP parts because we test our products to meet or exceed industry standards,” Lore said. “That’s how we can provide customers an industry-leading warranty.”

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