TRP Truck and Trailer Parts

The TRP Trailer and All Makes Parts and Workshop Consumables range offers the widest choice. Not only that, with industry leading distribution centers and one of the highest regarded dealer networks in the region, operators can be assured of outstanding parts supply and fitting services.

Each part featured in the TRP range is carefully selected from quality manufacturers with world beating reputations, so Ephraim can confidently offer a 2-year warranty on all TRP parts, knowing that operators can expect reliability and efficiency from every part.

DAF understand that whilst price is important, supply and service is crucial to today’s operators as penalties for late deliveries and missed deadlines resulting from part failure can be more costly than the part itself.

Whatever brand of trucks you operate, or whatever your trailer ‘running gear’, quality parts are obviously a priority.

That’s why Ephraim offers TRP, the largest range of All Makes truck parts and trailer parts in the the region. After all, in today’s economic climate, who can afford to fit inferior parts and run the risk of unnecessary downtime? It just doesn’t make financial, business or any other kind of sense.

TRP offers everything you need

  • Comprehensive range of truck parts and trailer parts and workshop consumables – a complete parts solution
  • Off the shelf availability of truck parts and trailer parts through a National Dealer Network for same day and next day delivery
  • Value for money quality truck parts and trailer parts that meet the demands of maximum vehicle uptime
  • Skilled, fully trained parts staff to identify the right part first time
  • 75,000 products in the TRP Catalogue and still growing
  • The TRP products are exclusively available via the DAF dealer network and come with a comprehensive warranty as standard



The PACCAR genuine part in combination with the state-of-the-art techniques, first class materials, and extensive functional integration result in high reliability result and long durability of your PACCAR engine. Hence your PACCAR genuine part increases your engine’s performance.


Your PACCAR genuine part also contributes to a first-class fuel economy. The SMART fuel injection is used to deliver high injection pressures joined together with precise injection timing and multi-point injection. The outcome is an optimum combustion process with excellent fuel efficiency.


PACCAR engines comply with the Euro 4, Euro 5, Euro 6 requirements for exhaust gas emissions. Bear in mind that your PACCAR genuine parts comply with the even more stringent environmental friendly standards.

PACCAR Genuine Parts

A complete range of engine related parts dedicated to your PACCAR engine. These parts are designed and produced to meet the highest standards that a PACCAR engine has to offer. These parts are designed and produced to meet the highest standards that a PACCAR engine has to offer!

Maximum reliability, extreme load capability, certified safety, the best of quality and long useful life – properties you should expect of spare parts.