Sampa Automotive contributes into the improvements regarding aftermarket commercial vehicle spare parts, by using their experience and scientific knowledge and sector.  110 experts in 3 different management units work in the huge  headquarter of 3000 m2 land site.

At the R&D Centre established with a 9 million dollar investment and operating since 2004, there are more than 75 test machines and lab equipment units.

Sampa is well aware of the importance of quality in relationships we establish not just with procedures of manufacturing and services, but also with our shareholders.  Sampa’s secret in quality management is based upon the close knit family structure that believes in individual talents and achievements.

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Innovation is one of the most important factors of our Development at SAMPA. Innovative SAMPA provides faster and more long-lasting products, as a result of which SAMPA continues improving with an acceleration of 35% each year within the last 5 years.

SAMPA is one of the leaders in R&D in terms of innovation and renovation for the aftermarket, and it is the largest company including the complete industry.

We, as SAMPA Automotive, provide all our coworkers the whole set of opportunities of technology. We value the importance of R&D Department and it reflects on the productivity.