With Sell2Lease, you can minimize and simplify your operation, at the depot and in your budget for a brand new, custom-spec fleet by reselling your old vehicles, no matter the age, condition or size. When your truck is nearing the end of its life, you have to decide to sell it or scrap it. Don’t waste your time, energy or money with the headache of the process. Go directly to Shelev Leasing for disposal. At no extra cost to you, Shelev Leasing Truck Leasing acquires full-service customers’ old vehicles, taking care of the guesswork and taking the hassle out of the process. We are here to to make live easy for you and give you smart choices.

Shelev Leasing puts your old trucks to work by helping convert vehicles to working capital. The Sell2Lease program offers:

  • On-site vehicle assessments
  • Quick return offers
  • Large networks needing trucks

If you have previous vehicles that you want to keep, Shelev Leasing can integrate them for you. We can merge existing fleets into Shelev Leasing Truck Leasing’s contract maintenance program, giving you the same benefits and efficiencies of scales that the new leased vehicles enjoy. Isn’t that smart?